Skip Trace Seminar EXCLUSIVE by Robert Scott

April 16, 2014

Skiptracing through Family Members By Robert Scott, PI & CEO, SkipSmasher.com So what happens when your favorite people search service fails to find an update? You’ve run the subject of your investigation by name and SSN and he or she still doesn’t have a fresh address showing up. There are countless options but the one […]


Roll Blogger Roll!

April 1, 2014

April 1, 2014 by Valerie McGilvrey valerie@thedailyskip.com There’s quite a few people around that have some really fresh and note worthy things to say and they grace us with their experience by blogging. From credit and collections to skip trace shop talk for investigations and recovery. I’ve discovered quite a few first-rate blogs and stay […]


99 Things Every Expert Skiptracer Knows (or Should Know)

March 5, 2014

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SUBSCRIBERS: PICA (Professional Investigators of California) is sponsoring two Los Angeles-area skiptracing seminars featuring Robert Scott, PI and CEO of Skip Smasher. The seminar is called “99 Things Every Expert Skiptracer Knows (or Should Know)” and will be a fast-paced three hour presentation that will show exactly how successful skiptraces are done with […]


The Pretext Playbook Excerpt

February 5, 2014

The following is a short excerpt from The Pretext Playbook by James O’ Reilly with permissions.   “A pretext is a carefully manipulated act to gain factual evidence that you would not otherwise be able to naturally discover. Some investigative folks call it a gag or a scam. But, for the purpose of staying on […]


The Independent Skip Tracer

January 28, 2014

Skip tracing is so much more than just finding a person. A skip tracer is a facilitator. A go-to person that finds things out and makes things happen. There’s been a few questions sent to me from independent skip tracers asking what fees to charge for doing the job. I know that doing the work […]


The Three Types of Tracing: Masterfiles Free Webinar

December 10, 2013

MasterFiles presents “The Three Types of Tracing”   Check out this free webinar by Alex Price Contact Alex at alex.price@masterfiles.com for Dates & Times Seminar Description:  In this class we will cover the three types of tracing:  Micro-Tracing, Macro-Tracing and Skip-Tracing! You need to know where you’re going and why before you move forward in […]


Jail Searches

November 26, 2013

How many times have you searched for an individual only to find that they are incarcerated? I always begin my search with a quick inmate search and have saved countless hours by doing so. Below is a state by state listing of Dept. of Corrections followed by a decent list of County Jails. My ultimate […]


New Facebook Privacy Policy Means Better Skip Tracing

October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013 Valerie McGilvrey The powers at Facebook have been very busy yanking away the cloak of privacy and gives no more options for secret accounts. Shockingly if you weren’t using them at all your account were among the first to lose this privilege. Last week the remainder of privacy options were stripped from […]


The Most Useful Websites

September 6, 2013

The quest for tools in small business operations is gaining value. There are more sites that fill the gap to make our jobs and business ownership a smoother sail. As well as so many sites that I can talk for about  hours telling you all about my favorites and still not have covered them all. […]


Dial My Calls

August 3, 2013

Link to sign up http://www.dialmycalls.com/signup/97394306/   Dial my calls is a great tool for any self employed investigator. Not only can it be used to reach out to current employees, new and old clients but it’s great as a tool for gathering information. I’ve used this simple and very affordable tool since I discovered it in […]


Tiny Tracker Tile

July 21, 2013

Have you seen this very cool thing? A tiny tile that you can stick to anything for $18.00 and track it. Your computer, cell phone, keys, and I bet you private investigator law enforcement types could find a million other uses for The Tile as well!   http://youtu.be/pqDm3gZNZPM


Cell Phone Busts

June 22, 2013

  For what ever reason you are searching for someone- time is money. The faster you can find someone the quicker you can cash the paycheck. This is especially true for the contingent recovery aspect of skip tracing. When I get a new account assigned to me I throw out as many bones as I […]


More TLO Madness

May 9, 2013

TLO filed bankruptcy today and made quite a few headlines in the investigative community. Comments about TLO’s policy changes have shown a break down in reliability in the quality of data. I personally have not done a side by side comparison. Although the information coming forth is a restriction of personal identifying data. This move […]


Miss TLO? Try Skip Smasher

April 14, 2013

Many of the groups have been buzzing with posts about TLO and it’s new rule that truncates social security numbers and dates of birth on searches. Being that these personal identifiers are necessary with investigations, there are alternate and affordable moves that you can take for verification on your accounts and cases. Alternate resources are […]


Faxing Negotiations

March 13, 2013

Getting a fax number from a debtor or faxing to a debtor so that you can have a land line number to trace can be an innocent action that gets some great information that you didn’t have before. Receiving a fax could have a header that provides clues or a direct link as to where […]


Skip Trace Tips

March 12, 2013

The following links are from Time Finance Adjusters on YouTube. I normally comb the internet looking for skip trace tips giving me new or old ideas to help me find my debtors.  I am sharing the links to Time Finance Adjuster’s YouTube channel where Ron Brown and Millard Land speak to skip tracers directly. At […]


A Pretext for Every Occassion

February 19, 2013

I bought The Pretext Play Book as soon as the mass email hit my inbox. Here is another WOW book from a career investigator. I wanted to thank James personally for adding Skip Trace Secrets to his Recommended Reading chapter by letting all The Daily Skip readers know about his book. This book has lists […]



February 9, 2013

The biggest part of my job is on the back-end of a contract. Looking for the person that defaulted so that my client can recover from a potential loss. Getting there is an organized roller coaster ride that occasionally comes off the tracks. People are learning to use misinformation to lead me in another direction […]


Social Media Skip Tracing

December 15, 2012

Modern-day private investigators have more tools at their fingertips than ever before. Where they used to have to comb through phone books and interview neighbors, colleagues, ex-lovers, friends and family to track someone down, now they may need only log in to Facebook or Twitter. They don’t even have to be in the same city, […]


December 15, 2012

by John Bowden Director of APTAC at APTACTraining.com Origionally published at PoliceOne.com Encarta Dictionary defines behavior as, “The way something behaves.”  Analysis is defined as, “The examination of something in detail in order to understand it better or draw conclusions from it.” Behavioral analysis is simply the observation of behavior and then analyzing that behavior […]

Background Checks Miss the Mark

December 15, 2012

The teacher arrived with excellent credentials and more than 20 years of experience in the classroom when he accepted a position last year at a private school in Menlo Park. What the school didn’t know — until informed by the Almanac — was that he also came with a trail of allegations of child molestation […]

Agency Marketing

December 11, 2012

Hera are 73 tips and suggestions for marketing your skip tracing services. 1) Get Active on Twitter It takes just a few minutes to make a contribution to Twitter and making this a part of your daily business routine is a steady way to build up a network of followers interested in your area of industry. […]

Cell Phone Surveillance

December 11, 2012

WASHINGTON — In the first public accounting of its kind, cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations. The cellphone carriers’ reports, which come in response to a Congressional […]

Locating Via Digital Photos

December 11, 2012

Sharing your location with friends is easier than ever these days, but many people are unwittingly telling the world where they are every time they take a picture. Apps like Foursquare and Urbanspoon put your current location to good use by finding things around you. And in maps programs, you can find and share locations […]

Drivers License Status

December 11, 2012

Some States provide little to no information regarding drivers licensing. These states below do offer free status updates for their licensing division.   Florida – https://services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/ Idaho – https://www.accessidaho.org/secure/itd/reinstatement/index.html Kansas – https://www.kdor.org/DLStatus/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdlstatus%2fsecure%2fdefault.aspx Massachusetts – https://secure.rmv.state.ma.us/LicInquiry/intro.aspx Minnesota – https://dutchelm.dps.state.mn.us/dvsinfo/mainframepublic.asp Nebraska – https://www.nebraska.gov/dmv/reinstatements/client.cgi North Dakota – https://secure.apps.state.nd.us/dot/dlts/dlos/requeststatus.htm Ohio – www.ohiobmv.com/abstract.stm South Carolina – https://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVpublic/trans/DRecPoints.aspx Washington – https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/dsdDriverStatusDisplay/ […]

Back Ground Searches

December 3, 2012

Excerpt from Skip Trace Secrets – Dirty little tricks skip tracers use… What do background searches consist of?   Sometimes in skip tracing you need to do a background search to get to the present. Some investigative jobs do background searches for potential employers, to find old information that can be traced to a new […]


The Way We Were

November 26, 2012

What was it before it was skip tracing? Raymond Gravis, born in 1938, wrote a book titled Skip Tracing Made Easy and I discovered it on eBay this year. If you find this book, get it. It was published in 1989 and tells a tale of what investigators once did to find someone before the […]


Repossessions, Collections & the FDCPA

October 22, 2012

Over thirty years ago, Congress gave the citizens of the United States the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It most commonly is referred to as the FDCPA. While the law is specifically directed to third party debt collection agencies, individual states may have finance law that goes beyond third party agencies to govern in-house debt […]

A Fine Mobile Mess

A Fine Mobile Mess

July 1, 2012

Finding a land line phone number for a skip is as rare as finding a wheat penny in your grocery store change.

Stop Harassing Me!

May 22, 2012

Just a few good notes that I have gathered from other sources that enforce a creditors attempt to collect their own debt. Under Section 805(c) of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a consumer has the right to request, in writing (specifically in writing), that a third party collection agency cease and desist from further […]


Locating Someone’s Job

May 14, 2012

     There are many reasons why you need to locate a place of employment (POE) on someone.  For me, it would be to repossess their car for my client.  For a mother, it would be for wage garnishment.  For a process server,  it would be for serving papers, etc… For those of us working on […]

Cell Phone Trace

May 8, 2012

Sometimes, all that I have located on someone who I am looking for is a cell phone number. While collection laws are disapproving of calling cell phones to attempt to speak to a debtor, of course, there are many other ways to get information from the cell phone number. In my step by step process, […]