5 Awesome New Apps To Up Your Game

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iTunes & Android

Did the car in the next space park so close that you could only get into your car by using the passenger’s side door? Scooting over the middle console is a pain right? This app allows motorists who either want to kill you, or hook up with you, to send you a message to by only your license plate number. You can even send pictures.

Personally, I see a great value in this app, but only so long that my area is saturated with users. I do suppose that if someone sent me a message on Plext that it would stay in the database until I downloaded the app.

Telegram Messenger App
Telegram Messenger

iTunes & Android

Making its way into mainstream world news because of the terrorist attack at Brussels Airport Zaventem. This app was used by terrorists in the planning and execution of the attack.

Telegram’s creators defended the encrypted app’s defiance to give the encryption away to any government regardless of how devastating the act of crime was. Regardless if the murderers used the app to carry out acts of terror, or not. Ironically, the headquarters for this app, owned by a nonprofit, is in Berlin, Germany.

Instasnoop App
Currently only available in the iTunes App Store.

The creators of InstaSnoop have one goal in mind: to protect users snooping on someone’s Instagram feed from accidentally tripping over a dog toy and losing their phone flying into mid air and then bounce off the tip of your nose consequently ‘liking’ a post by someone you’re spying on.

InstaSnoop, we appreciate you.

I also appreciate that it’s a free app (with some in-app purchases), but it’ll have more value to our industry when more social media sites are added. In the meantime, if you’d like to be the proud owner and developer of InstaSnoop you can pick it up for a cool $12,000 on Flippa.com.

Redzone App
Currently only available in the iTunes App Store.

No, this is not another Waze copycat. You need this app, we all need it. RedZone thrives on user contributed data in the same way Waze does, but allows you to view crime zones in areas you’re traveling in. I consider this an essential for anyone taking a road trip  or looking to move into an unknown area.

The layout of the map is fluid and since other users can make real time reports, you’ll know if you’re about to drive down a street where a shooting just occurred and also view past reported crimes.

As soon as I logged into RedZone for the first time I was prompted with a voice which said, “Accident ahead.” I zoomed out and saw an accident marked on the map which was just down the block from my office.


Are you having a hard time trying to decide if you want to jailbreak your brand new iPhone? The only option is to jailbreak if you need to download an industry specific Android only app. But wait! The new iOS 9 update will obliterate jailbreaking functions altogether.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of running iOS thanks to Extensify. The app allows you to tweak your phone so that you can do what you did before when it was jailbroken and without fearing a malfunction in the iOS.

You’ll need to download directly from the Extensify website as this app is not in available the iTunes app store.