A Pretext for Every Occassion

I bought The Pretext Play Book as soon as the mass email hit my inbox. Here is another WOW book from a career investigator. I wanted to thank James personally for adding Skip Trace Secrets to his Recommended Reading chapter by letting all The Daily Skip readers know about his book.

  • This book has lists of pretexts with hundreds of possibilities for customizing the specific pretext to your investigation. If your goal is to get someone to answer the door, it’s here. If you need to find out who the insurance carrier is, it’s here. To get place of employment information, it’s here.

Pretexting with texts, the phone, in person and email, it’s all here. Pretexts that you would never imagine even exist. I have always said, “Everyone wants something for nothing.”  And, its human nature to want to help a stranger in need. Pretexting an art by others in the investigative field and James O ‘Reilly is an amazing artist putting together the most imaginative pieces for the investigative world to see. Any other book about pretexting before The Pretext Play Book would be obsolete. The laws and ways that we’re allowed to work have drastically changed, and will continue to do so. Ultimately evolving with the laws that restrict investigations wonderful dirty little tricks. he Play Book is an answer to a road-bump or a brick wall in locating someone or investigation. Yes, I recommend you get this book.

The Pretext Play Book is a pretext compilation of many investigators contributions whose expertise bring pretexting into the present day. This is definitely a resource that I will refer to when I am stuck and in need of a new direction to go. The entire book is dedicated to pretexting and discussing how they should be done with one rule repeated throughout the text, “Remember, Batman, protect your identity.”

Here are a few excerpts worthy of sharing:

“A major part of skip tracing includes some type of pretext styled to fit the target’s circumstances. We just simply can’t do now, in detective work, what we could do 20 or even 10 years ago on an investigation. But, there are more things that we can do than ever before. Although some good ole’ standards remain, we have to be resourceful and wise about the law.”

“I once had a Hooters restaurant open close to the office and Hooters girls came in bringing free hot wings to everyone in the building. And, yes, they wore their little Hooters outfits. What if those Hooter’s girls we on a fact-finding mission? I’d say they could get anything they wanted from me! Who could resist a cute girl with free hot wings?”

“The trap line is the single most important investigative tool in any pretext. It has many times helped me do in just a few weeks what the FBI and California State Police couldn’t do in ten years. When you use pretexting you will undoubtedly flush out the target and get a phone call on your trap line. Sometimes from a place of employment or a paramour’s cell phone. Either, or, you will get information that will get you results.”

A notable topic in the book is to SEO your pretext for “realism”. Many sources for getting your pretext business into the pages of search engines in a matter of hours or days, are listed with the process impressively detailed for ease.


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    I would like this book in print where can I find it. The pretex playbook.

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