Cell Phone Spyware

by Valerie McGilvrey

It’s a dream come true right? Just send a text message to a cell phone and then magically you’ll be able to see all of the users calls, texts and even a GPS location mirrored on a web page in which secretly only you have access. All I have to say is, “I WANT ONE TOO!”
Reality soon sets in when you start surfing the net for all of these programs that are supposed to be so simple to download and run. If it were really that simple people wouldn’t still be asking where they can get it. I may be a little late on the game for some of you guys, but I get enough messages in my box to know that there’s some interest in this process. Now…on to the real deal about cell phone spyware.

Nothing that you download to your computer that has to be installed on a phone works. Period. It’s all a scam and really if your bank won’t let you dispute the transaction on your card, you’ve lost your madness and your money. These so-called cell phone spyware companies take advantage of the stressed and distressed and are ready to make impossible promises so they can get your money.

1. You must own the phone.

If you don’t own it, then you’re committing a felony by spying on a communications device without the consent of the owner. If your plan is to monitor your child’s activity then you’re good. If it’s not for a situation where you don’t actually own the phone or have permission to have possession of it, then no, it’s not good. If you own the phone and give it to anyone, you still own the phone. I would absolutely give you a free working phone with free minutes…(wink)…just because I like you.

2. Yes, you must have access to the phone.

So far from what I have seen there could very well be an instance where a pretext of sorts is used to trick the download of spy software from a site via text message. From what I’ve found the software doesn’t exactly lie about how it can be downloaded. I’ve tested three popular sites and they all look and work in different ways.

The best option is to have the software send a text to the target phone. All the spyware sites I have seen that are free have this feature. Then all you have to do is click on the link and in less than one second you’re done. Each instance was so fast I thought I didn’t do it right or it didn’t work but when I went back to that site I clicked the button to track the phone I instantly saw my location pinned on the map.

Further instructions could be to turn the phone off then back on again so that the files hide themselves. Two out of the three spyware companies has the software hidden without having to turn that feature on and the programs cannot be found even if you know what you’re looking for. The third has a scrolling message that says, “This phone is being tracked.” There is an option to turn off the notice somewhere in the app on the phone, but it took me a while to figure that one out. Sounds too good to be true? All of them are free. And they work.

3. Remote installation doesn’t exist.

Sounds so easy right? For the purpose of being a lawful citizen and telling you not to break the law, it would be a huge felony to remotely and secretly install tracking software on a phone that you have no access to, or don’t own. There could be a difference between owning the phone and paying the bill. That would be up to the person who would be filing criminal charges if a complaint was brought.

The idea that remote installation doesn’t exist is a farce. In three months (longer really) of intense investigation into cell phone spying I’ve come to realize that an expert could take any one of the kid tracking software programs and alter it to perform that exact task. Funny enough, there is a convenient remote UNINSTALL on every site so that you can quickly remove the software from accessing your web portal so that if it gets discovered you may not personally get discovered as a secret spy.

Send the target phone a text message that would say “To stop these text messages click the opt out link” and when they click the link the software syncs into their smartphone. But they’ll never sell it to the open public and if they do they’ll have their toes in some foreign sand protected by a non-extradition treaty. And of course, if you find it please tell me. I’m dying to get one of my own.

4. iPhones must be jail broken.

If your target is to spy on an iPhone you may have to wait awhile. So far I have no leads on a spy program that actually works on a iOS device unless it’s deprogrammed so that Android apps can be run. If you’re target phone is jailbroken, then you’re in for a real treat. There is something out there just for you.

5. Smartphones only.

Yup, that’s right. If it’s not a smart phone then no-way-Jose is any spyware ever going to work. I know I haven’t found every single spy phone tracking deal out there but everything that is hot and really works is for smartphones. But there is a difference. On a GSM phone you still may be able to get a call log or see text messages, but there won’t be a GPS location available because of the lack of a location feature running in the background all the time. Grab some prepaid burner phones out of your storage boxes and give them a try.

6. The best versions of spyware is on Google Play and completely free.

Yup. Right there on Google Play under our noses the whole time. And, it’s totally free. Most sites allow you to monitor one phone free then additional phones at a low rate. I’ve seen great software have geo fences and alerts like regular GPS unit systems have. The updates are instant so when you program the software to alert you when the phone gets close to a specific location you’ll know that your phone, spouse or employee is in a geo circle that you set up.

The number one best feature I’ve seen on any of the freeware is that a text message can be sent to a target phone and even though the message isn’t read or opened as long as the message is received by the phone- a GPS location for the phone will show on the map. A ping. A pin point that is as accurate as driving up and finding your child’s bike in the driveway of that very pin. This would be a great way to track your teens car too. Hide one in the auto and program it to no sounds so that you can text the phone in the car and get it’s location.

What are these wonderful companies that help us parents keep our kids out of harm’s way? The first one that I found is Phone Tracker and the site is phonetracker.com. Another is txtwatcher.com and the third is teensafe.com (Teensafe now has a monthly fee but has more features than the free version).

After working on this project I have also discovered that it’ll work on any Android smartphone. Any cheap phone that takes a sim card or not, pay as you go, contract or simple minute plan. It doesn’t really matter as long as the phone is connected to service and can receive text messages, you will get a location.

I haven’t used this one but for Window’s Mobile Smartphones: cell-phone-spy.com and several of the spyware companies say they are working on a version for the iPhone. You can always buy a preloaded smartphone and have it over-nighted to you. Great deal if you need one in a pinch. But really just get a few and keep them on hand. Great idea for a handy little GPS stick-on under a bumper!

Now it’s your turn! Have you used any type of cell spyware or company that really helped you out? Tell me about it! [email protected]


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