Dial My Calls

Texting in Pretexting

Link to sign up here.

Dial my calls is an amazon tool for any self employed investigator. Not only can it be used to reach out to current employees, new and old clients but it’s great as a tool for gathering information. I’ve used this simple and very affordable tool since I discovered it in 2008. Since then, the service has grown to handle high volume text and call blasts with great results.

Even more recently I sent a text blast out to over one hundred cell phone numbers asking if they wanted to enter to win a $100 bar tab at our city’s hottest dance club and more than 60% responded with yes! After that I sent a text to the numbers that responded asking where a gift card could be mailed to. Not that they’ve won, but what address to mail and another 20 phone numbers actually responded with an address.

The service provides a keyword that appears on a targets phone such as (GROUPON) with a five digit code. There is also a text back service so that you can see text responses. If your text is for someone to give an address where a coupon for free pizza can be sent to, then you can see the reply text with the response.

Click this link to get an account, get some free credits and play around with the idea. You’ll never know what wonderful useful thing you stumble upon. It also does prerecorded phone calls, you can upload a professional or prerecorded mp3 or call in your recording.

Have fun!


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