Eric Neal Copyright Infringement

DMCA Takedown & Retraction Demand

Neal, owner of PIF Solutions LLC in New Hampshire, claims he was sent my training video which I did for private investigators by a third party.

This is not true. He confided with several people he had a fake profile by the name of Sunny Joseph in the PI group where I did the training video. Not to mention, Samantha Teffer, and even one for his dog which passed away.

Later Eric marked up my video with misinformation created to make me look like I’m comitting an unlawful act and posted it on YouTube with an account operated by the moniker “Christina Turner”.

Later, I had a conversation with Ryan Grayson, a Houston area PI, and he explained me that he had words with Eric. In the middle of that argument, Eric goes to Ryan’s Google business page and leaves a derogatory comment that related to the argument they had in Messenger. Eric tells Ryan he’s going to remove the comment, but the comment wasn’t left using Eric Neal’s own account. He used the one which was named Christina Turner. I have screenshots of this comment with date and time to be authinticated via subpoena. Also the color of the image placeholder on this particular account is uniquely aqua.

Additionally, I noticed that my exact same videos that Eric uploaded using the Christina Turner account was also uploaded to  YouTube by “Todd Dowell” on a separate account.

I contacted someone to expedite subpoenas to YouTube and Google for the handling and processing of these videos and to obtain all IP addresses, email accounts, phone numbers, device and/or PC identifying details, browser, date and time, metadata, and also to send a preservation notice to the ISP, his VoIP business account, and known cellular phone companies which have accounts for any person living at Eric’s home in Middleton, MA on the dates when these videos were uploaded.

The screenshots below are self explanatory. Eric discussed my training video and people join in speculating as to what law I broke.

I never did business as Plexus nor as OPI. I gave away samples which were either given to me or purchased by me. There is no mail fraud. I gave them away free, no money exchanged hands, I paid for postage. The disclaimer on the site, clearly states, “While supplies last” to avoid any confusion. And yes, the site stays up because it’s a part of my seminar.

If this was a violation of the law all of the sites that sell or give away samples and freebies would be commiting crimes. And this simply isn’t the case.

The other detail is that companies such has this sell their customer list on a regular basis. This is what we call marketing data and we find it on sites like and Information is a hot commodity and when you sign up with a site or become a customer and register your personal information for an account, you’re given the opportunity to request to that merchant “Do Not Sell My Information”. This is something Eric would have read in Michael’s very first OSINT edition, also talking to Michael, he assured me that this content is in every edition published thereafter.

It’s shocking watching grown professionals who claim they maintain high moral ethos deliberately misinterpret the law in order to damage someone’s reputation.

And Michele Harris, clearly she isn’t as active publicly as Eric, Chris Wilkinson “Lake” or William Hampton. But she apparently has been talking up a good game of threats against me. I am handing this with her state board and my sheriff’s office.


As for Eric Neal, Chris Wilkinson Lake, Michele Harris, William Hampton, Richard Heinz, and any other actor in possession of my copyrighted content, this is your official demand to remove my head shot images, videos, audio recordings and printed material from any online source which you’ve shared it. A copy of this take down notice will be posted on Lumen Database and also provided to your webhost, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you don’t remove my copyrighted content immediately, I will seek criminal charges against you in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You will also be sued in federal court for defamation and copyright Infringement.

This is also your demand in accordance with the Texas Defamation Mitigation Act to retract your false statements in every place and to every person whom you made them to. If you are no longer in a group where false statements have been made, you have the responsibility of contacting the admin to have your retraction statement posted on your behalf. If you fail to do this, I will sue you for Defamation.

/S/ Valerie Mcgilvrey

September 15, 2020

5:48 PM Central Standard Time