Faxing Negotiations

Getting a fax number from a debtor or faxing to a debtor so that you can get a land line number to trace can be an innocent enough. I’ve hustled this to get information with some negotiations to get a past due account current. Receiving a fax could have a header that provides clues or a direct link as to where your debtor is located. This is especially good if you are looking to get collateral recovered or papers served.

Making a deal over the phone should always accompany a signed agreement, in which you can insist the debtor to fax directly back to you. Even if it’s a corner store, check cashing store, or grocery store fax this method will give you a general neighborhood to look in. Create an urgent situation where you fax to your subject and they have to fax you a signature page back in the same few moments. Popular responses to such a demand have been to use the office in the apartment complex where the debtor lives.

It’s been a rare occasion for me that a fax number is blocked on caller ID. My fax machine will automatically get the fax machine unit information if that is programmed in correctly, and it usually is. This will give you a phone number and possibly a business name that owns the machine. A quick fix to this problem is using a toll free fax number from either Ureach.com, MyFax.com or eFax.com simply because the toll free numbers are also trap lines being that they don’t allow callers to block their caller ID. This is a government regulated feature because toll number owner’s pay for all incoming phone calls.

What if you receive a fax from an incoming toll free number? Not many regular 9 to 5 working folks have a need for a toll free phone number on a digital online fax provider, unless they’re in business for themselves, and that toll free number will be traceable if it’s used in online advertising or a website. That means Bing, Google or Yahoo may be able to pick up where the phone reversal trail goes cold.

-Valerie McGilvrey

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Houston, Texas November 1, 2014