Hello, My Name is Valerie McGilvrey

...and I don't do bullies.


Many of you already know me as a skip tracer who shares the interesting and successful ways I’ve discovered to find people and their assets. In addition to The Daily Skip, I’ve self-published a few books, Skip Trace Secrets in 2012, and Background Check in 2013. My first ebook, Scar on My Heart, in 2011 details my heartbreaking custody battle over my son and the events after his father kidnapped him.

Recently, I was made aware that a man named Richard Heinz sent email to all the board members of both trade associations for which I’m scheduled to present the Skip Trace Secrets Seminar this November. In his emails he wrote that my last name is really Good (true), that I have committed plagiarism, and that I sued a my auto finance company (true, listen to the recording below) along with a few other statements about me which are not true. Clearly his motive was to get me fired. This didn’t happen and I’m still presenting at both events.

Richard Heinz has targeted me since late 2012 because my Twitter handle is @skipease and his website name is Skipease.com. He wanted my handle and Twitter refused to take it from me to give to him. I blocked him several years ago and ordered him to never contact me again. Because of this I wasn’t aware when he continued to post bullying tweets. Writing this today is my attempt to take the bull by the horns.

This morning I documented his entire Twitter feed and was shocked. He actually claims to have accessed my personal documents (he never says what exactly) and dumped them onto the internet and then states that I that I abused my son (my Army vet son even was mad at that accusation) and trolls me while accusing me of being a troll. I was instantly upset and reading this literally brought me to tears.

I don’t do bullies.

The recording (below) is a part of the Skip Trace Secrets Seminar and those who’ve already taken the course have heard the recording and discussed it in the class. Many folks took it home with them on their flash drive. I’ve never condemned the skip tracer who called me, nor the repo agency owner who employed her. You can hear in her voice and her evolving explanation that she instantly had regret for her pretext although I don’t think she knew I was a skip tracer.

The Daily Skip was founded by Dave Branch and the articles that came with this news site are still up. Knowing Dave to be a very ethical repossessor I’m quite sure that he obtained permission to use the articles which he didn’t personally write.

Skipease.com is a site which has Pipl, Zabasearch, Google and a few other API search windows positioned on one page. After a search is submitted the user is directed to a page which has restricted results and prompts the user to buy a report from People Finders, Been Verified, or Intelius and the referring site owner receives a 50% commission.

[I apologize for the poor quality of the recording. This was made in 2010 on a first model iPhone.]


Written by Valerie “Oh My Goodness” McGilvrey
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