Locating Employment

Skip Trace New Employment

For those of us working on the collections side, we’re working from a credit application full of details and identifying data that should’ve already been verified. Typically people stick with the industry they know and the job they’re good at. I’ve rarely in my life, save a recession, seen someone take a job for which they’re over qualified and for less pay.

If the credit grantor requires an applicant to complete an employment verification form, then this form would be good at a later date.  The most difficult part would be to know which employer to submit this to. If not, well then here’s the rest of my process:

Run all the databases and print them. Pull a fresh credit report. If there’s a new application for credit, service or a utility then there could be a new employer listed on the credit report.

Look for phone numbers newer or different than what you’ve been calling, run those through Google or your favorite search engine to see if they’re used in advertising by a business with a commercially zoned address.

Check out the Google Street View and see what’s at that address. Sometimes small business’ use mail box drops such as a UPS Shipping Center.  This isn’t necessarily a dead end, just a bump in the road.

When pulling a full credit report remember that someone must use their new information at least  three times for it to appear on the header of their credit report.  So if you’re getting old job information and your sources are reporting a new job and a new apartment lease then wait awhile (a few weeks or a month) and pull it again.

Field work could yield results just as fast as a computer search on a professional database.  Look for an employer owned auto sitting in the driveway. If you know your skip is a truck driver for a produce company and there’s a turnip truck in the driveway, you’ve probably found your skip.

Other things field agents do is interview the neighbors. sometimes an expense little afforded to judgment enforcement, hiring an investigator would prove it’s worth. You might connect with a talkative neighbor that’ll let you know what time your subject leaves in the morning for work giving you a window of opportunity to put the finishing touches on your plan.

Verification is just a phone call away but don’t jump the gun on making the call that could tip-off your skip. If you need to formally verify employment and don’t have Work Number access, simply call the human resources office and ask to verify employment for a wage garnishment. You may hear that they won’t do that as it’s against company policy but they must comply and verify employment for a wage garnishment order. Ask for a supervisor and keep taking your request up the management chain until you get cooperation. Larger corporations have a dedicated office to verify employment for this purpose called…can you guess? The wage garnishment office!