The biggest part of my job is on the back-end of a contract. Looking for the person that defaulted so that my client can recover from a potential loss. Getting there is an organized roller coaster ride that occasionally comes off the tracks. People are learning to use misinformation to lead me in another direction so that I can’t find them right away.

Misinformation is preached by such disappearing artists like the self-proclaimed skip tracer Frank M. Ahearn. Frank’s books teach an ordinary person how to hide the right way the first time. His methods, seemingly shameless,  are  for people with money and want to evade life’s responsibilities. His book doesn’t talk about hiding battered women or victims of domestic violence. His subjects are middle-aged men walking away from a family with children. As distasteful as the reasons why Frank takes someone by the hand and frees them of their past, the sermon that is giving is one that a skip tracer should listen to. Because this is how we find people who don’t want to be found. It could be a long investigation hunting someone who has buried their identity with the past but some standards  remain. Death and taxes. Both of which will never get beat by any skip.

Taking the backwards approach. What is it that someone who is hiding can’t live without?  This would come down to the basic needs for human survival. Shelter, food, and love. Possibly a car to drive, utilities and so on. Humans are social creatures.  A new Facebook page could pop up with a generic name and reach out to other family members the skip feels safe to communicate with. I could go on and on, but I suggest you read Frank’s book for yourself.









How to Disappear by Frank A. Ahearn – Click the cover image for the Amazon book page.