Eric Neal PIF Solutions LLP [email protected]

The video below is a screen capture of audio clips that were sent to
Texas Licensed Private Investigator Christopher Cloud directly from
Eric Neal. Eric Neal owns PIF Solutions which is newly
officed in New Hampshire. PIF Solutions is a debt collection
agency. Eric Neal solicits Christopher Cloud for under the table
credit bureaus without requiring a signed waiver
Valerie McGilvrey was granted permission to release
this audio here on The Daily Skip.


transcript below



Um I remember when I was running my collection agency and like
towards the end of it towards like two thousand four like late
two thousand fourteen I was doing really bad on money yeah I was like
paycheck to paycheck barely being able to cover stuff just because
I like hated my job [laughing] at that point and I hated calling
people for their money and I just I hated that crap [message alert]
so uh my money my money went way down on what I was making
say like in two thousand twelve just I re [sic] hated the job with
a vengeance then I opened up skip tracing and I started doing
much better now I’m doing ya know much much better than I was but
uh she kinda gave me an ultimatum um about keeping the relationship
in order which ya know I didn’t like back then but I get now um and
it was like you got three months to either uh make this work do
something new get a job but stop going paycheck to paycheck and
not even covering your bills. [TIME END 00:47]


I mean if it’s like a judgment like a legit
judgment um I can pull a TransUnion for five bucks
and um but it would show on the like um show my
vendor on the thing on the inquiry so it would
obviously have to be a judgment in that case
[message alert] and I pull [unaudable] [message alert]
for ten um and then uh and then uh gets a little cheaper
with my guy but at the same time I got to write up a
little summary on it so I still charge ten on that
where I get it from my guy I can’t exactly give
that one out since that’s not ya know on the up
and up necessarily. [TIME END 01:45]



It’s like I said I can do the well let me put it
this way um [message alert cow] [unaudiable] and um
order a credit report with a judgment and that will
show up as Microbilt and eventually that could be
traced back to me if the person really decided to
kick up a storm and challenge it with Microbilt these
my buddy does them a different way I don’t I have an
idea of how he does them I have a few ideas of how he
does them actually but he can do them pretty fast so
rather than just me try to do what he does and all
that I rather him do them but kind of the deal
is I don’t ask um I know that it doesn’t show up
as me or you or anyone else as an inquiry now whether
it shows up as him pulling his own file maybe
I don’t know I like I said this is one of those
things that I just uh you know my name stays out
of it I ask him for these reports he gives them
to me I don’t ask how. [TIME END 02:52]