New Facebook Privacy Policy Means Better Skip Tracing

October 23, 2013 Valerie McGilvrey

The powers at Facebook have been very busy yanking away the cloak of privacy and gives no more options for secret accounts. Shockingly if you weren’t using them at all your account were among the first to lose this privilege. Last week the remainder of privacy options were stripped from accounts that had those in place and even those privacy settings and restrictions in place for the protection of minors have been taken away.

Privacy rights for teens? No more. Teens can post publicly now. If you’re a parent of a Facebooking teen I would suggest stripping the account of all posts and pictures and completely deactivating it. This is the only direction to turn if you want to protect your child from all the other Facebook users that can now find your child’s account. All of this insanity is for an ad-based for-profit company to make more money. “Growth depends on users sharing as much data as possible with one another.” I do agree. My growth depends on the exact same thing with just a caveat. I’m after their phone number, real address, job and possibly their car that’s out for repossession. If only Facebook would just let us have meta tag information on photographs.

Facebook is still implementing changes and upgrades. Most of the day Monday Facebook had technical difficulties with down servers and no one was able to post an update or “like” a post or a page. The response was, “There was a problem updating your status. Please try gain later.”

All the changes means anyone can be found in the blue search bar. People that you’ve been searching for with no luck you may now be able to find on Facebook. I have found my Candy Land full of my skip’s real friends and family members talking about the jobs and family events planned for this coming weekend. Crawfish boils, clubbing and mini golf. I’ll finally be able to find the daughter in college that’s driving the first payment default Chrysler 300 that also hasn’t been paid for in a year! Facebook has given skip tracers an early Christmas present. I can’t wait to see what Facebook does next!

Want to read Skip Trace Secrets in a PDF? Get it here.