Let’s Play Make Believe

[Update 2/10/2016: Edens was sentenced to one year in federal prison and three years probation after release. He has been [...]

The Phone Trap

And one day it happened, without any notice, causing an upheaval in my regular cell phone routine. Apple quietly changed [...]

Apps for Cyber Tracking

by Valerie McGilvery Apps for skip tracing haven’t really caught my eye until recently. I drove around an unfamiliar [...]

Hide and Go Seek

Valerie McGilvrey thedailyskip.com We’ve all be there, on one side of the door or the other. I’ve been served [...]

Cell Phone Spyware

by Valerie McGilvrey It’s a dream come true right? Just send a text message to a cell phone and then magically you’ll be [...]

Cell Phone Trace

by Valerie McGilvrey Sometimes all that I’ve located on a skip is a cell phone number. While collection laws prohibit [...]
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