Dial My Calls

Link to sign up here. Dial my calls is an amazon tool for any self employed investigator. Not only can it be used to reach [...]

Tiny Tracker Tile

Have you seen this very cool little thing? A tiny tile that you can stick to anything for $25.00 and track it when you lose [...]

Cell Phone Busts

  For what ever reason you are searching for someone- time is money. The faster you can find someone the quicker you [...]

More TLO Madness

TLO filed bankruptcy today and made quite a few headlines in the investigative community. Comments about TLO’s policy [...]

Faxing Negotiations

Getting a fax number from a debtor or faxing to a debtor so that you can get a land line number to trace can be an innocent [...]

Skip Trace Tips

The following links are from Time Finance Adjusters on YouTube. I normally comb the internet looking for skip trace tips [...]


The biggest part of my job is on the back-end of a contract. Looking for the person that defaulted so that my client can [...]
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