Roll Blogger Roll!

April 1, 2014 by Valerie McGilvrey
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There’s quite a few people around that have some really fresh and note worthy things to say and they grace us with their experience by blogging. From credit and collections to skip trace shop talk for investigations and recovery. I’ve discovered quite a few first-rate blogs and stay in touch with new posts and editions by subscribing.

Here’s the who’s who of professionals who present thoughts, innovations and new technology in our ever evolving industries. There’s always something new to learn from these folks and I’m grateful that they share the knowledge. Do you know of a great blog that’s not listed here? Tell me about it!
Alex Price can always be found on CUCollector with his very meaningful writings. Alex is part of one of my favorite skip trace databases around, Find out about free skip trace webinars hosted by Alex and much more.
Robert Scott has been keeping investigation professionals looking good for years at Here you’ll find Black Book Online with every kind of link and resource. Robert has and this for me has become one of my top three databases that I go to and use the most.
American Towman culminates repossession industry articles and current events.
Michelle Dunn is my favorite collections expert. Taking time to read through her blogs and articles really has helped me in all areas of my business. Michelle has authored books covering just about every topic related to the collections industry as well as a successful Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and radio talk show host.
The telephone is a major part of skip tracing and Paul teaches you how to use his services so that you can take full advantage of trap line and other phone related investigation methods.

A few other noteworthy industry blogs with other good things mixed in: