Masterful Smartphone Attachments

Once upon a time in a land close to where you’re sitting right now, there was a sleazy snake oil salesman with a sparkling smile who told me that he had a wonderful device that would allow me to see inside of locked garages. I glared at him and said, “Why, that’s wonderful. I do think I already have this thing you’re trying to sell me for $3999.99. It’s called a borescope and I paid $99.00 for it at Home Depot.”

Innovative smartphone apps have given field investigators and repossessors slick tools to perform a task which at one time required the use of high priced and bulky equipment. Finding the evidence that someone has been in a place recently by a measure of time determined by the fading heat signature of a hand placed on a wall or door handle would at the very least give you a confirmation.

Check out this $20.00 borescope smartphone attachment. Flir also has an iOS version. I can lift a garage door just about half an inch to see if there are tires meeting the concrete but never more than that. With a little borescope I might be able to determine exactly what vehicle is inside the garage.


I’m advising you NOT to violate any laws by using a device to see inside a garage.

I’ve been following Flir’s smartphone attachments since the release of their iPhone 5 case. Since iPhone ditched the boxy shape, Flir had to redesign their case adapter for future phone models and they didn’t do it right away like we’d hoped, but what they’ve given us now is outstanding in quality and affordability.

This device allows us to see recent heat hand prints on door knobs, walls, the heat signature of a vehicle hood and maybe even footprints if someone walked barefooted outside or walked outside from the warm indoors. All useful tools in determining the next move for someone working out in the field. I’ve even met a process server who used one to see if a person what standing on the other side of a door.

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By Valerie McGilvrey
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