The California Private Investigator

Written by Shaun Sundhal
There’s two objectives in writing this book. The first objective is to help readers build a foundation of knowledge in the investigations field. A strong foundation will help the reader pass the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), California Private Investigator (PI) Exam. The second objective is to assist current private investigators/detectives and the responsible citizen, to negotiate the often confusing maze of private investigations in California.

N. Davis
When I was informed of this book Mr. Sundahl had just completed and published on Kindle eBooks, I was very excited to read the book because I had taken his online preparation course for the P.I. and found it to be of great value in preparing for my state exam. I knew I could read this book to further my study. I purchased the book for a surprisingly next to nothing price and was ecstatic because it clarified and confirmed information previously studied at an easy to read and understand guide with great examples. The book is very informational and helpful. Thanks Mr. Sundahl, great book and would definitely recommend it to anyone preparing for the State P.I. Exam….Highly recommended. Sincerely, N. Davis