The Pretext Playbook Excerpt

Learn Secret Skip Trace Pretexts

The following is a short excerpt from The Pretext Playbook by James O’ Reilly with permissions.


“A pretext is a carefully manipulated act to gain factual evidence that you would not otherwise be able to naturally discover. Some investigative folks call it a gag or a scam. But, for the purpose of staying on track in this book, I will always call it a pretext. The purpose of this book is to bring a wide variety of pretext ideas that work in today’s working class age of internet and smart phones with overall scam awareness in the general public.

A major part of skip tracing includes some type of pretext styled to fit the target’s circumstances. We just simply can’t do now, in detective work, what we could do 20 or even 10 years ago on an investigation. But, there are more things that we can do than ever before. Although some good ole’ standards remain, we have to be resourceful and wise regarding the law.”


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Very good beginning for the lay person. An enlightening start. A very right now view as to what detective work is.
-J. Curtiss
So many of the situations seem like commonplace moments in a day.
-C. Reader