Tracing Hookers

    For professional skip tracing!
This list is not for getting your freak on.

The FBI seized and the adult section of Craigslist and put up their own SWAK. Since then we’ve been graced with many websites where beautiful elitist call girls and boys displayed their wares in hopes of keeping their dance card full.

It was like Uncle Sam flipped investigative professionals the bird. Now there are other sites popping up and since there are many competing for the traffic some of the sites are thin on content but I don’t expect that to last long. I may get two to five topless dancers a year to look for and their lifestyle with big daily cash places them in a category of not needing to apply for credit to survive.

Why do you need this list?

Looking for runaways  and sex trafficking investigations

Infidelity investigations

Looking for someone for service of process

Fugitive recovery, either the call girl or someone connected to them

Trying to nail down a target for surveillance


App phone numbers, VoIP, Google Voice and as well as burner cell phones may not have any data attached to the number when searched in professional databases. We know that someone needs to use their burner phone number needs to apply for credit and other ways that pulls those records into our databases.

Google doesn’t index these sites (some maybe yes, but not all) so you’re not going to be able to search and then also set alerts for a number of a known prostitute. Looking for a topless dancer? No silly, not to hire! To serve with process, repossess, do surveillance on, arrest or who may be connected to someone that’s on your list for those same reasons.

Know a face and an area but don’t have a number? I’m sorry to say you’re going to be tortured with flipping pages but I noticed that search features which allow a user to narrow down an age, race, preferences and regions are available which is so helpful in regards to time.

This list was made possible by contributions from many different people and if you find a new site or know that a site has shut down, please use this contact form and let me know so that I may update the list. Requires additional confirmation that you’re a sex worker. My need an invitation.

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