Join Me & Mike Gibb on Repo Pulse

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A neat thing coming up on December 10th, I’ll be sitting in a webinar with Mike Gibb with to discuss the most affordable and results proven skip tracing methods available and also time effective processes to find the information so that you can get your skip found and your case closed.

Registration is totally free so don’t miss out on this opportunity to hook up with me and Mike. Here’s the link that you need to get registered for this online event.

If you bought Skip Trace Secrets on Kindle I have a nice surprise for you. I’m updating the book with new information and removing outdated and broken links, finally. This will be the last time that I update this book and I hope that you like the new updates. All you need to do in order to see the updated version on your Kindle is to refresh the file.

I’m starting a brand new book project in January which will contain all of the Skip Trace Secrets Seminar content and some new tricks and techniques that I’ve discovered since the last session. I promise you’ll have an OMG WOW response to it because so far the folks who I’ve presented these nifty tricks to were so inspired they promised me they were going to take that ball and run with it.